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Happy workers will work harder and help to make your company great. If you want to motivate your staff or simply reward them for all their hard work, a corporate event could be exactly what you need.

We understand that in these difficult times your budget may not be as large as it once was, but we don’t believe that this is any reason not to make the event as special as ever. can help you plan, organise and execute your event, making sure that it still has a wow factor for your staff.

If you are organising a summer ball, a family fun day or a dinner dance we can help. We also specialise in Christmas parties. We can help you find a venue for your event, plan a theme if you want one, organise all the entertainment and will always make sure its extra special to make it something your staff will be talking about for years to come. can help organise any party whether it’s an 18th, 21st or a special birthday ending in ‘0’, a christening or one just to catch up with old friends.

We can help you arrange the venue, decorations, music, lighting and entertainment to ensure your party has a real wow factor that your guests will be talking about for a long time.

If you want a theme just let us know and we will be happy to help. We can supply decoration and room theming and will make sure that our staff are dressed appropriately on the night to fit right in!

We can supply you with a live band and/or a DJ playing music of your choice.

As well as our dance floors we can organise star curtains, additional lighting and extra entertainment at your request. understands the importance of every detail of your event, we will help you consider all aspects of it and make sure that nothing is overlooked and everything is exactly how you require it.

Every event we organise is bespoke - no two will ever be the same. We pay extremely close attention to detail, customising everything to your specifications and ensuring you are completely happy with the concept well in advance. We might even be able to suggest a few things you hadn't thought of!

So if you're having a party, organising your wedding or arranging a specific event, we know we'll be able to help you. Booking is easy, you can either call or e-mail us directly and we will guide you through all aspects of your event, or you can complete our online booking enquiry form and we will respond within a maximum of 24 hours.

We can arrange to meet you, if that is your preference, or can do everything over the phone and by e-mail if you're short on time. All bookings are confirmed by e-mail but should you wish to amend anything or make any changes, we can do that without any fuss at anytime.

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