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Dance Floors

Lighting up weddings has been truly a privilege for Funky Floors since our inception in 2004.  Here are some of our hire products that could literally help light up your big day.

The more items hired; the larger discount we are able to offer!

Starlight Dance Floors
Elegant and yet very funky! Let the dance floor be another added sparkle to your special day.
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The Diary Room Experience
We have truly captured some special moments
from guests and relatives leaving the most entertaining and memorable messages in our unique booth.
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LED Syncro Illuminated Dance Floor
This really makes your first dance the most unique. 
All colours and patterns are available to match the themes of your wedding. Guests will not be able to steal themselves away from the dance floor.
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Classic Black and White Dance Floor
Fabulous looking simple but timeless dance floor will change any space into a dancing paradise in minutes.
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Themed Weddings
We can provide a complete package including a Funky Floor of your choice and top themed DJ Host to make the most of the 70s and 80s dance classics and anthems. Alternatively provide you with a DJ and play list of your choice?
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LED Poseur Tables
These funky cocktail tables can illuminate and even flash in a choice of colours or use one to place the wedding cake on!
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Dance Podiums and Stages
For the poseurs in your wedding party, they can really get down and shake their groove thing! Star curtain back drops can really add a nightclub feel  to your reception.
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Boogie Bars
These bars can light up and flash in colours of your choice. They really help the with party atmosphere.
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Prices will include delivery and installation so please contact us now for a quote.

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