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Retro Dance Floor
Syncro Dance Floor
Promo Dance Floor
Promo Dance Floor
Classic Flooring

The Retro Floor
Our Retro Floor is a traditional 70’s style floor with red, yellow, blue and green illuminated, flashing squares.

The squares can flash in any pattern and in time to the Music if you wish. It can be set up virtually in any covered space e.g. ballrooms, marquees and houses!

Our illuminated floor panels come in 1m square sections and can be arranged in square and rectangle shapes. Anything from a small 3m x 3m floor to a massive 8m x 8m and anything in between! If you are not sure what size you need we can make a suggestion if you let us know the number of guests expected.

Power is supplied via an ordinary 13 Amp plug and set up time is from 30 minutes for a 3m x 3m floor, about 90 minutes for a 6m x 6m or about 2 hours for an 8m x 8m!

The Retro Dance Floor
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